A Brief History of the Hippie Trail

Series: Westerners in India.

By Richard Gregory;

Journey to the East

The European concept of an epic overland journey to the east may have started with the conquests of Alexander the Great in Afghanistan and India around 325 BCE.

But most in the west associate the idea with Marco Polo and his family in the late 13th century, though their trips to Kublai Khan’s China used almost none of the routes that later formed the Hippie Trail.

Less known are John Mildenhall, the first Englishman to travel to India overland (and who did it twice), Richard Steel (who followed him), and Thomas Coryat, who left England in 1612 and arrived in India three years later, having walked much of the way.

Nobody ever called them ‘hippies.’

On The Road

The first to drive to India was a three-man team led by Major FAC Forbes-Leith, who took a Wolsey 15 from Leeds to Quetta in 1924 – and filmed the trip too.

In 1927 a team led by the Australian Francis Birtles made it from London to Delhi, and later that year Birtles drove solo to Australia (with a few sea crossings).

In 1931 a French team drove from Lebanon via Afghanistan to Kashmir, and in 1938 Owen Wright and Ted White drove a Morris Cowley from London to Calcutta. Several others did at least part of the trip between the wars, using sea crossings where roads were too difficult.

Nobody ever called them ‘hippies’ either.

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