A story about the Book of Brighu by Rita Bruce

Chapter 18, Vision of Sai by Rita Bruce

The Book of Brighu (The Sathya Sai Compendium ~ compiled and edited by Brian Steel)

Ancient prophecies written on palm leaves. Copies and expert pundits to translate them are available in a few places in India, including Bombay and Poona, and in Kathmandu in Nepal.

“Maharshi Bhrigu is known all over the world for his accurate predictions. Gifted with divine subtle intelligence, he made innumerable predictions which we came to know through Bhrigu Samhita. Almost all of them have come true when tested on the touchstone of time.” (Swami Maheshwaranand, Sai Baba and Nara Narayan Gufa Ashram, Part 1, 57). (See image below)

“[T]he Book of Bregu [sic] is a very respected spiritual manuscript with quite a reputation. It was supposedly written 7,000 years ago…. Everyone’s life is supposed to be written in this book” (SANI, 31).

Phyllis Krystal and her husband attended a session with a pundit in Bombay and had a “reading.” The pundit selected 3 palm leaves and told them intimate facts about themselves and then forecast various happenings on their trip to India. Mrs. Krystal took notes but put them away, ashamed at the “fortune-telling” aspect of it all (KRY1, 33-35). Later, at the end of their stay, she consulted these notes and found to her amazement that they had forecast all the gifts that Baba had given them (KRY1, 75-76).

Having read of Phyllis Krystal’s visit, BIRGITTE RODRIGUEZ visited the pundit in Bombay. He received het, measured her shadow, and made some calculations before picking out a single bundle of palm leaves from a mass of them, and from that he selected one leaf. He then told her various true facts about her WORSHIP and her writing, as well as many true facts about her son and daughter-in-law (work, personalities, health, and relationship) (ROD, 212-215).

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