Sathya Sai Baba : Are You Following Me ?

Are you following me? on CD. This divine discourse addressed mainly to students on October 14, 1999, but is relevant to many of us who call ourselves Sai Devotees. Our urge to share this significant message is the inner motivation by Lord Sai, the indweller of all hearts.

Are you following me?



Selfishness has become the guiding force for all activities of man today. His mind is filled with all types of desires and violence has become the way of life. He is wasting his life not knowing the purpose of life. He is straying away from the path of Dharma and Prema. Desires of man are crossing limits and ultimately leading him to misery. Man is in a state of confusion as he is unable to comprehend the true meaning of life.

I have been giving discourses for the past 60 years, but you are not making any effort to put into practice at leasts few of the teachings. Students are like gold. Their hearts are suffused with sacred feelings. Their behaviour also should be in consonance with their feelings. Man will be ruined if his behaviour is not on the right lines. It is not only the students, even the teachers and administrators are not coming up to the expectations. No doubt they have Immense love for Swami, but the same love is not expressed in the form of gratitude and Sadhana. It Is rather surprising, even to Me, that for the past few days I did hot feel like speaking at all. As there was no marked change in you, I thought there was no point in continuing to speak to you. Hence I have decided to confine Myself to a few words. What do you expect Me to speak? I have already taught all that ought to be taught. There is nothing more to convey. I am pained to see that all My teachings have gone in vain and all My sweet words have become tasteless to you.

Ego is on the rise in devotees. Pomp and show has become the order of the day. Man is not able to recognise that ego will lead to his downfall. He is unable to derive the benefits arising out of his education and experiences.

Devotees are not grateful for the love and grace showered on them by Swami. They pose themselves as great people to the world at large. There is no greater sin than this.

Since ancient times, the vedas have been proclaiming profound truths. They form the basis for a peaceful and prosperous society. The term ‘Veda’ refers to’wisdom, ‘discrimination’ and ‘existence’. There are people who chant the Vedas from dawn to dusk. No one is examining these issues What is the utility and significance of the Vedas? What is the benefit derived by chanting them? Many do attend the Veda Classes and study them, but they do so only for the sake of money, name and fame. it is well nigh impossible for man to study the infinite Vedas within his limited life span. Therefore, Sage Vyasa classified the Vedas into four broad categories – Rig Veda, Yajur Veda,Sama Veda and Atharvana Veda. The Yajur Veda has been further classified into Krishna Yajur Veda and Shukla Yajur Veda. The manifold nature of the Vedas is conveyed by several other names such as – Sruti, Smriti, Trayee, Chandas, Swaadhyaaya, Nigama and Agama etc. Each name is pregnant with a deep Inner significance. The Vedas consist of two divisions: Brahmanas and Aranyakaas. The Mantras that are chanted during the Yajnas and the Yaagas constitute Brahmanas. Aranyakaas consist of Mantras that are chanted by the Vaanaprasthaas in the forest. But unfortunately no one is giving due respect to the Vedas, which are very sacred and are replete with profound truths. As a result, Indian culture is on the decline. People from the overseas better understand the value of the Vedas than the Indians. The Japanese and the Germans have studied the Atharvana Veda deeply and thus could excel in the manufacture of arms and ammunitions. But unfortunately the Bharatiyas are unable to comprehend the greatness and the grandeur of the Vedas. They are ruining their lives in the pursuit of materialistic pleasures. Even spiritual practices are undertaken only to fulfil their worldly ambitions. Man can nourish this sacred culture only when he develops steady faith in divinity. They take to Pravritti Marga (outward path) forgetting the Nivritti Marga (inward path). Today man wants everything to be done in a trice without any exertion on his part. He is not prepared to put in any effort or put up with any hardship. Today people are not prepared to accept truth, they are carried away by untruth. This is similar to the situation wherein people turn away the milk delivered at the doorsteps but are prepared to travel long distances to consume illicit liquor. What is the essence of education? Education is meant to know oneself, not to amass wealth. In spite of his education, a mean minded person cannot give up his wicked qualities. The modern education leads to only argumentation but not to total wisdom. If the elders themselves take to the wrong path the young students are likely to follow their footsteps. The modern man thinks he is highly educated, but in fact he is highly ignorant. As he is unable to understand the significance of education, he is using it only to eke out his livelihood. He is going through various scriptures and joining various spiritual organisations but is not making any effort to put into practice at least a few sacred teachings. There is no greater sin than this, it is all right if a mistake is committed unknowingly, but committing a mistake deliberately amounts to great sin. Though man is fully aware of what is good and what is bad he is not able to practice good and give up evil. This is the reason he is unable to progress in the field of spirituality.

Since ancient times the Veda Purusha Saptaha Jnana Yagna has been associated with a profound spiritual significance. Yagna means sacrifice. In this Yagna, you have to sacrifice your bad thoughts, wicked feelings and evil tendencies and cultivate all the noble qualities. Before the commencement of the Yagna, fire is produced by keeping one piece of wood over the other and churning vigorously The piece of wood which is below can be compared to the mother and the above to the father. The resultant fire, the son, burns the parents themselves. You have to recognise the inner significance of this.


Many of you are feeling bad, thinking that Swami is upset with you and is not talking to you. I do not have even a trace of anger or dislike towards the students or the elders. I consider students as My very life. In such a case how can I be upset with them? But I do not wish to talk to anybody, because I do not want to belittle My own words. I feel it is better not to speak than speak and lose the value of My words. I will speak to you only when you start giving due respect to My words. There is no point in feeling bad that Swami is not talking to you. Make efforts to attain the deservedness, so that Swami would talk to you. I have taught you on innumerable occasions, but have you made any sincere attempt to practice at least one of them? When you do not give up evil tendencies like hatred, jealousy pomp and show, how do you expect Swami to talk to you? Hatred is the greatest enemy of man. Pomp and show give rise to ego, which will in turn ruin the humanness. Love is the common property of one and all. You can attain happiness and peace only when you develop love. But today love is on the decline and hatred is on the rise. We find hatred among the members of the same family students of the same college and inmates of the same Ashram.

What is an Ashram? It is a place where there is no Shrama (difficulties). But you are transforming this Ashram into a place of Shrama! You have no right to stay in the Ashram if you do not obey Swami’s command and understand His love and Divinity No benefit accrues to you if you merely stay here without putting Swamy’s teachings into practice. It is better that I do not speak to you if you do not practice what I say. In fact overseas devotees have better understanding of Swamy’s love. They go into ecstasy if Swami talks to them at least once. On the other hand, you do not understand the value of Love and Grace showered on you day in and day out. You merely waste your time by indulging in mean actions like slander and complaining against each other. Slander is the worst of sins. Do not criticize or abuse others. The Upanishads have declared that man is highly valuable. But man is losing his respect and honor. Man alone is to be blamed for this.

Here is an example. You are all worshipping Me. But the Atma in Me is the same as the Atma in you. So, your worshipping Me amounts to the Atma worshipping itself. If an individual indulges in criticism, he does so as he considers himself separate from others, not understanding the oneness of the Atma. The Atma does not criticize itself. If you want to be near and dear to Swami, develop the principle of love. All the Mantras you chant and the worship you do will go in vain, if you give scope to evil qualities like hatred, jealousy pomp and show.

Embodiments of Love!

Love everybody just as you love Swami, because Swami is present in one and all. There is the same divinity present in all beings. Eswarah Sarva Bhutanam. One who realises this truth can achieve anything in life. Once, a great sacrifice (Yagna) was being performed by king Janaka. Great scholars were present in the event Not only men, but several women also. Yaagnavalkya, Gaargi, Narada, etc. The king asked the assembly to pose any question they wanted. Gaargi asked as a woman whether she was permitted to ask questions. Janaka was wisdom incarnate.

“Advaita Darshanam Jnanam,” (knowledge of non-duality is true wisdom). There is no differentiation of man and woman in true wisdom. Not hence anyone is free to ask. Then Gaargi addressed Yaagnavalkya, you are preparing to leave with cows given to you by the king. You may do so after answering my questions. First question – what is the basis of al the objects in this universe? All the scholars present were astonished that a woman could dare to put such a bold question. “Akasa is the basis for all that exists,” he replied. She then asked, ‘What is that which transcends the skies pervades the earth and extends below the earth?” “The substance that pervades all these is Akasa only” replied Yaagnavalkya. All were astonished at the discrimination and wisdom of Gaargi. All of you know, Narada is mischievous. He went and asked Gaargi “Respected lady, what is your life’s ambition?” “My only desire is replied to attain divinity” she replied. “it is impossible, Narada.”why?” asked gaargi. Narada replied, “ Moksha and the attainment of divinity are not ordained for unmarried women.” Divinity does not pertain to bodily form, of man or woman. Narada said: “The moment you are married, you will attain Moksha.” Gaargi said “That is impossible, for I have surrendered my entire self to God already” Such being the case, do I have no possibility of attaining Moksha?” As this dispute was going on Janaka intervened and said, ‘What is the problem? Just get married!” She thought for a while and considered the contents of all the Upanishad’s and Sastras. She then said, “OK then, I shall have a one day wedding.” Even Narada was perplexed as to what this one-day wedding meant. Gaargi then said, “A wedding is a wedding, be it for a day or a hundred years. So I shall have a one day wedding, who is ready?” One of the sages present by name Sringi agreed. Tad eva Lagnam, Sudinam Tadeva, Tarabalam Chandra balam Tao’eva, Vidya balam Daiva balam Tadeva – as the Mantra was being chanted, and the sage tied the knot and immediately Gaargi broke the string and discarded it and promptly attained ultimate liberation. Thus Gaargi attained her goal without transgressing her vows, or any of the Sastric injunctions. Janaka said, “Gaargi, for one whose entire life is devoted to the fulfilling of the divine will, how can Moksha elude? You are destined for Moksha. You are indeed a great scholar. Today I shall get myself coroneted by your hands.” Such temporal relationships are temporary and far from permanent.

For everything Akasa is the basis. And the sun is basis for Akasa. Prakriti is the source of Surya (sun). In this manner the assembly went on discussing the ultimate source of Akasa. Akasa does not mean what is above your head. Gargi said, “Sabda Brahman is Akasa.” Countless such women have been born on this sacred land of Bharat. Born on this sacred soil how do so many of you reduce your selves into such a low state? Ego and desire are cause for this state of affairs. Whatever I say is for your good and not for My sake. Many of you do not realise this. Arrogance of one’s own level of knowledge is the main cause for this state of ignorance. Educated people should have humility. Education confers humility, humility confers deservedness, deserving one obtains wealth and from wealth one obtains comfort.


First get rid of your pride. Cultivate humility. Respect your elders. Speak honeyed words. When you practice these virtues, Swami is always with you, beside you and guides you always. You do not know, so many great things are going to take place. Every thing seen, heard or felt will turn sacred. All this is going to happen soon. Do not miss this sacred opportunity and waste it. Once lost you will never again get it. Once obtained you will never lose it. Keeping these sacred thoughts in your heart, honouring your parents, pleasing your elders, you will make your lives meaningful.

This is My blessing to you all. With this blessing, I bring My discourse to a close.

Bhagavan concluded His Discourse with the Bhajan “Bhajana bina sukha santhi nahi.”

Are you following me? on CD. This divine discourse addressed mainly to students on October 14, 1999, but is relevant to many of us who call ourselves Sai Devotees. Our urge to share this significant message is the inner motivation by Lord Sai, the indweller of all hearts.

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