Arnaud Desjardins – Excerpt from Enlightenment Magazine

The following article is an excerpt from Enlightenment Magazine.Click here for the Movie Reel info on Arnaud Desjardins. Though Sri Mataji Anandamayi Ma was not, strictly speaking, my guru, she certainly played a major role, to say the least, in my life and my sadhana [spiritual practice]. In fact, she still does today. Her memory …

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Eat, Pray, Love… 10 Things to Know about Staying at an Indian ashram

Christine Ka’aloa  A female solo travel blogger and a top female travel YouTubers of GRRRLTRAVELER, a solo travel blog helping travelers find confidence in traveling alone, one destination at a time. She left her life in New York, as a reality TV camera operator and producer  to live/work abroad in South Korea.  From there, she launched into …

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Gerald Heard: Grandfather of the New Age

by Charles E. Vernoff, Ph.D. One of the most remarkable experiences of my life was a several-year acquaintance with Gerald Heard that began in 1959 during my freshman year at the University of Chicago. Due to a unique personal history, I was a precocious “spiritual seeker” before the New Age had officially dawned in the …

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